compressive strength of quarry waste as coarse aggregate in concrete

compressive strength of quarry waste as coarse aggregate in concrete

Effect of quarry rock dust on the flexural strength of concrete .Tensile strength has been conventionally defined as a function of compressive strength. The factors that affect this relationship between the two strengths include: level of strength of concrete, method of testing of concrete in tension, the concrete's moisture content, texture and shape of coarse aggregate and size of.Use of Quarry Dust to Replace Sand in Concrete – An Experimental .times the cost for crusher waste even in places where river sand is available nearby. . locally available crusher waste without sacing the strength .. tested in CTM. The strength obtained is presented in Table 4. Table 4: Mean Compressive strength of concrete at 100oC. Fine aggregate. Sand: Quarry dust. 28 days.

Impact of marble waste as coarse aggregate on properties of lean .The waste generated during the quarrying operations is mainly in the form of rock fragments (called “Stones” in the common parlance). The stones . Compressive and tensile strength of all concrete mixes containing marble aggregate was increased up to 75% replacement of conventional coarse aggregate. In a study by.compressive strength of quarry waste as coarse aggregate in concrete,Study on Compressive Strength of Quarry Dust as Fine Aggregate in .Jun 30, 2016 . The compressive strength achieved optimum by replacing fine aggregate with quarry dust in ratio of 60 : 40 as done by Hmaid Mir [1]. Felekoglu et al. [2] observed that the incorporation of quarry waste at the same cement content generally reduced the super plasticizer requirement and improved the 28.


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Quarry dust is known to increase the strength of concrete over concrete made with equal quantities of river sand. The Compressive strength of quarry dust concrete continues to increase with age for all the percentage of quarry dust contents. The utilization of quarry dust as fine aggregate would turn this waste material that.

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river sand at 50% replacement with additional strength than control concrete. Keywords- Concrete, quarry dust, river sand, compressive strength. I. INTRODUCTION. Concrete is the most widely used construction material today. The constituents of concrete are coarse aggregate, fine aggregate binding material and water.

Strength and durability properties of concrete containing quarry rock .

River sand is most commonly used fine aggregate in the production of concrete poses the problem of acute shortage in many areas. . from industrial waste. The consumption of cement content, workability, compressive strength and cost of concrete made with. Quarry Rock Dust were studied by researchers Babu K.K. et al.

strength and durability studies on concrete using quarry dust as fine .

Cement Concrete mix using Quarry Dust as Fine Aggregate is designed using. M20. Combinations used for this study, i. Concrete using natural sand as fine . 2.4 QUARRY DUST. Quarry dust is a waste material obtained from stone quarries while crushing stones, stone crusher dust, which is available abundantly.

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properties of partially replaced concrete under compression, split tensile and flexure. Design mix of M30 grade concrete with replacement of 1.5%, 2%, 2.5%, of waste bottle caps as a coarse aggregate and 50 % of quarry dust as a of fine aggregate. The compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural strength of.

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20%, & 30% by weight of M-25 grade concrete. Sieve analysis is done for Ceramic waste and Quarry dust for the replacement course aggregate and fine aggregate. Concrete mixtures were prepared, tested and compared in terms of compressive strength to the conventional concrete. These tests were carried out to evaluate.

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From the results of experimental investigations conducted, it is concluded that the quarry dust can be used as a replacement for fine aggregate. It is found that 40% replacement of fine aggregate by quarry dust gives maximum result in strength than normal concrete and then decreases from 50%. The compressive strength is.

Cost Effective Design of Sustainable Concrete Using Marble Waste .

Nov 6, 2016 . In the present study attempts have been made to obtain sustainable and cost effective concrete product by use of marble waste. Aggregate obtained from marble quarry waste was used as 75% part of coarse aggregate and rest was conventional coarse aggregate. It was observed that, compressive strength.

compressive strength of quarry waste as coarse aggregate in concrete,effect of fly ash and quarry dust as a partial replacement of cement .

to compare the compressive strength of partial replacement of cement and fine aggregate with fly ash and . 2.5 QUARRY DUST. The quarry dust can be defined as residue, tailing or other non-voluble waste material after extraction and processing of rocks to form fine particles less than 4.75 mm. usually, quarry rock dust.

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Dec 24, 2010 . Slump, compressive and indirect tensile strength tests were performed on fresh and hardened concrete.28 days Peak compressive and indirect tensile strength . The use of up to 20% quarry waste fine as a partial replacement for natural sand in the production of concrete, in Malaysia was also reported [6].

Strength Characteristics of Concrete with Partial Replacement of .

Strength Characteristics of Concrete with Partial Replacement of. Coarse Aggregate By Laterite Stone and Fine Aggregate by. Quarry Dust. M. Venkata Rao* . replacement of coarse aggregate (by weight) with laterite stone were casted in lab and checked for compressive . been made to reuse the waste materials along.

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The test results indicate the crushed stone dust waste can be used effectively to replace natural sand in concrete. In the experimental study of strength characteristics of concrete using crushed stone dust as fine aggregate it is found that there is increase in compressive strength, flexural strength and tensile strength of.

Comparing the compressive strenghths of concrete made with river .

Jul 20, 2014 . Keyword: Quarry dust; river sand; compressive strength; water cement ratio; workability. 1. INTRODUCTION. Concrete is a mixture of water, cement or binder and aggregates (fine and coarse aggregate) and is a commonly used material for construction (Barritt, 1984). River sand has been the most popularly.

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Fine Aggregate”, International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Vol. . feasibility and prospective use of quarry dust, a waste produce from aggregate quarry plant in concrete mixes, in . of all the mixes, the uppermost compressive strength was obtained for 40% replacement of sand by quarry dust.

compressive strength of quarry waste as coarse aggregate in concrete,Development of Mathematical Models for Compressive Strength of .

The addition of quarry dust along with waste plastic significantly improved the concrete matrix properties in terms of strength. Regression analysis and validation of the models developed was done to co-relate the results of compressive strength for 7, 14, 28, 90 days. The addition of fine quarry dust with ldpe as waste plastic.

use of recycle glass as a coarse aggregate in concrete

Jun 30, 2012 . evaluate the concrete properties, which are made from glass coarse aggregates and glass concrete aesthetic . aggregate 16% less strength in compression, flexure than conventional concrete. .. aggregates, the need of both quarrying and waste disposal systems are reduced with the associated benefits.

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2.6.10 Abrasion. 38. 2.6.11 Porosity of aggregates. 39. 2.7 PROPERTIES OF CERAMIC WASTE AGGREGATE. CONCRETE. 39. 2.7.1 MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF CERAMIC . Compressive and split tensile strength. 42. .. coarse aggregate and fine aggregate shows decreased compressive strength of.

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WASTE OF MINES AND QUARRIES AS COARSE AGGREGATE IN. CONCRETE MIXES. Ahmed Abdul Mageed Ahmed*, 1, Khairy Hassan Abdel kareem2,. Ahmed Mohamed Altohamy 3 and . The mean value of uniaxial compressive strength of standard concrete cubes after 28 days of curing was found to be in order of.

Characteristic studies on the mechanical properties of quarry dust .

due to depletion of river bed. Quarry dust is a waste obtained during quarrying process. . Also, the use of quarry dust as the fine aggregate decreases the cost of concrete production in terms of the complete replacement for . Key words: Concrete, quarry dust, fillers, elastic modulus, compressive strength. INTRODUCTION.

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River sand is most commonly used fine aggregate in concrete but due to acute shortage in many areas, availability . from this crisis, partial/full replacement of sand with quarry dust can be an economic alternative. In developing . test, compaction factor test, compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural strength.

compressive strength of quarry waste as coarse aggregate in concrete,Strength Properties of Concrete Incorporating Foundry Sand and .

place of sand and ceramic waste has been used as partial substitute to conventional coarse aggregate by 15%,. 20%, and 30% in . Keywords: Ceramic Waste, Compressive Strength, Foundry Sand, Flexural Strength, Tensile Strength .. Machine crushed granite obtained from a local Quarry was used as coarse aggregate.

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